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Capitol Information Affiliates provides multiple levels of legislative monitoring to assure clients are successfully able to interact with the executive and legislative branches of state government and regulatory agencies. CIA's monitoring service is second-to-none in South Carolina and will provide your organization with valuable information that cannot be found anywhere else in the state.

General Client Services

A computer-generated legislative monitoring package that provides reports re-capping legislative activities, and is emailed at the end of each weekly Session. The report includes personalized spread sheets that track bills of interest to a particular client, and a “first reader” alert for new bill introductions that could affect the client. 

Weekly General Service E-mailed Reports Contain:

  • Personalized legislative spread sheets - updated weekly

  • Bill & regulation introductions - as well as legislative committee assignments

  • Copies of bills of interest to you

  • Daily updates showing all Legislative activity during each Legislative day - including Legislative Committee Reports

  • A Legislative meeting schedule & legislative social calendar - updated daily

  • Detailed report of the Appropriations Act as it passes each Legislative body

  • Annual Post Session Report detailing all legislative action, including the finalized Appropriations Act and the Governor's Vetoes

Special Service Monitoring

Designed to address specific target issues and provide in-depth coverage of legislative and executive branch activities of interest to you. Example targets include:

  • All “General Client Services” at no extra charge

  • On-site monitoring of legislative meetings & sessions

  • On-site monitoring of regulatory agency meetings

  • Legislative & regulatory impact analyses

  • Research of draft legislation and amendments

  • Strategic planning

  • On-site monitoring of state budget process

  • Capitol Columbia Newsletter - A Weekly Kiplinger-style Newsletter showing the “flavor” of the week in Chamber & Committee meetings.

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