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 Association Management has transformed over the years from volunteers spending generous amounts of time for their cause to an increased need for professional management. Boards of Directors are faced with growing challenges and need professional assistance to ensure the organization’s mission is current and accomplished. Leaders need to adhere to constantly changing management practices that will help their association remain competitive, while also having the ability to build value to satisfy the growing needs of their members within their revenue constraints.

 CIA provides basic change management principles, including but not limited to, strategic planning, financial management, membership management, marketing, communications, event planning, website and social media creation and upkeep, and governmental relations. CIA focuses on clarification and development of an organization’s mission statement, marketing their services, education and training of members, and developing grassroots lobbying efforts.

CIA’s Change Management provides for each Association:


  • Executive Director

  • Full-time administration

  • Support staff

Management Services/Foundation of Association:

  • Mission statement, strategic planning & management

  • Maximizing board and membership effectiveness

  • Maintain minutes and legal record-keeping

Marketing and Membership Development

  • Aggressive membership recruitment and retention

  • Associate membership recruitment and retention

  • Develop membership package for new members

  • Maintain membership database    

Financial Management

  • Financial planning and budget development

  • Financial management and accounting

  • Full compliance with IRS and Non-Profit Corporation Act Requirements

  • Develop and maintain financial policies and procedures manual

Event Planning

  • Plan and execute board and committee meetings

  • Plan and execute conventions and trade shows

  • Plan legislative functions, seminars and other events

  • On-line registration for events

  • Site visits

  • Negotiation of contracts

  • Contract with vendors and providers

  • Plan continuing education credit functions

Communication, Public Relations and Governmental Relations

  • Maintain constant communication with association membership

  • Develop and maintain websites

  • Design and publish newsletters, journals, and association directories

  • Design and prepare print material

  • Develop public relations plan

  • Develop governmental relations plan

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